HolisticalVets' Pet Memorial Page

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HolisticalVets’ Pet Memorial Page is dedicated to honoring cherished animals who have crossed the Rainbow Bridge and now live on in their humans’ hearts. As you scroll down, you’ll find heartfelt tributes and photographs that showcase the unique personalities and special moments that made those pets so special in the lives they touched.

To include a picture of your beloved pet, along with a heartfelt paragraph about him or here, please feel free to send us an email at info@holisticalvets.com. We would be honored to help their memory live on. 

A female dog being remembered after passing

“Remi will always be our sweet angel. She never barked but loved to howl and wag her tail. She loved to dig and lay in her favorite dirt spot. She was a foster fail doggy. She leaves behind a sister named Lilly who will miss her always. She will be forever loved by her family and all who knew her. Happy Tails, Remi.” – Gregory H.

A memorial to a female Shih Tzu

“Blossom was named after the cherry blossoms that were in bloom when I brought her home. On paper she is known as Melon’s Blossom When I Want To.  To me she is known as Bloss, Princess Peach, Scungilli, Boops and Mama. 

Blossom came into my life by happenstance. I saw this precocious puppy enthusiastically playing with her crate mate and then suddenly being placed to play with me. It was love at first sight. 

She was smart and funny, so funny. She always knew if she made me laugh she won. Who am I kidding, Blossom won over every room she was in. Whether it was barking by the stairs to let everyone know it is bed time or prancing on two paws with her arms up because she wanted to be picked up, or rolling on her back and “fixing her hair” while waiting, at times impatiently, for a belly rub, she ran the show and I was happy to follow her lead. 

She did so much on her own terms. Agility being one of them. She was amazing at the derivative that she invented and became a fan favorite and an agility celebrity in her own right. It was in the agility world that I humbly and happily became known as the best thing anyone has ever called me, “Blossom’s mom”.

We did so much together. When I first brought her home and had to go to work my heart would physically ache being away from her. Someone told me that feeling would fade. I told them it wouldn’t (and ps it didn’t) because I only could love Blossom with my whole heart. Blossom taught me how to love with my whole heart! 

She taught me so much. She taught me patience and trust. She taught me about fearful reactivity and positive reinforcement. She taught me how to enjoy the wind blowing in my hair. She taught me about agility. She taught me adjusting our goals doesn’t mean giving up on our dreams. She taught me how to dream and how to try. She taught me I can do hard things. Hell she taught me about life. And what a life we had together!

Her life was filled with naps in the sunshine (and on her very own chaise lounge), cuddles, friends, bellybrubs of “impending doom”, vacations to North Carolina, Lake George, and dog camp, lazy Sundays, pizza crust, gangsta rap, the best themed birthdays ever, crispy noodles, agility fun, walking the reservoir, watching her favorite shows, strawberries, taking up the whole bed, refusing to move when it was time to make said bed and thoroughly enjoying being “trapped” under fitted sheets, playing with her brothers, Halloween costumes and Christmas cards, lots of photo ops, waking me up just before the alarm by jumping on me and scratching my nose, always knowing when I was upset and how to make me feel better (I hope I did the same for her).

She was so full of life and personality. Such an expressive face. I often would tell people she tells the story of her soul with her eyes. We loved each other unconditionally and unapologetically. She IS my heart. 

Blossom I know whatever the next adventure is, wherever you are, you are doing it your way!

Until we meet again, with every step, every breath, every heartbeat, I love you Blossom with my WHOLE heart!” – Joanna M.

Male orange cat being remembered on HolisticalVets' pet memorial page after passing away

“Garfield found us as a stray when he was 6 weeks old. He was the best cat. He loved to be held and snuggled. His title was Lord Fluffington of East Poofindorf. He will be missed terribly.” – Gail P.

Sweet male cat being remembered after passing away

“My Percy boy, oh how the world will miss you. I hope your belly will always be full of food, your heart filled with love, and your paws making biscuits. You will be with Pepper again; I’m sure he has missed you all these years. Thank you for being for sensitive and helping me through everything. You will continue to do so beyond the end.” – Sarah C.

Beautiful Greater Swiss Mountain dog being remembered after passing away on HolisticalVets' Pet Memorial page

“Rowdy was the best pal a girl could ever hope for. We scaled mountains and lounged on couches. She is loved to the moon and back.” – Samantha R.

Adorable male Yorkshire Terrier with paw up being remembered after passing away

“Eli, You are the best little baby.  Your sisters miss their little brother, and Mommy and Daddy miss you so much!  I especially miss your kisses.  You will always be my baby boy.  I hope you’re having the best time enjoying eternal sunshine in Heaven with Lulu.  Best friends furever!  I love you now and forever, my little peanut.  Love, Mommy” – Debbie H.

White female Havanese being remembered

Remembering Fiona.

Our hearts go out to her loving family.

Sweet mixed dog pictured outside that is being remembered on HolisticalVets' pet memorial page

Remembering Bam Bam.

Our thoughts are with his loving family. 

Beautiful brown hound mix dog sitting on a bed being remembered via HolisticalVets' pet memorial page

“Hanky was an amazing dog. He never met a person he didn’t love. He was a wonderful family member to have just for too short of a time. He will be greatly missed and always loved.” – Patricia B. 

Happy male golden retriever running outside in a field being remembered via HolisticalVets' pet memorial page

Remembering Brady.

Our hearts go out to his grieving family. 

Chocolate Burmese cat sitting in a cat bed being remembered via HolisticalVets' pet memorial page

“CereBow remembered: We are humbled and honored to be amongst the energies and animal spirits, like CereBow, that make up the dimensions. That we can connect with your animal spirit subliminally and that your Spirit can connect with our Spirit, bringing the ethereal plane into existence. Your beautiful CereBow presence made all of our senses come alive and at the same time made being alive a mystery! Our love of your Spirit is boundless and palpable. May the Moon goddess and Quan Yin endow your inimitable glorious, compassionate spirit within us!” – William V.

Very cute black and white cavachon sitting on the floor being remembered via HolisticalVets' pet memorial page

“We are so saddened by Bandit’s loss. He was the most special dog and provided so much love and joy for our family. He will be forever missed, but we will cherish his memory every day. Rest in peace sweet angel.” – Elyse B.

Gray and white domestic shorthaired cat being remembered via HolisticalVets' pet memorial page
“Sky, you were the sweetest cat and I know you’re making biscuits in the clouds above while drooling happily. I will always love you.” – Mary S.
Black and white domestic shorthaird cat being remembered via HolisticalVets' pet memorial page

“Not a day goes by where you are not in our thoughts, Sparky. We love you and miss you so much. Thank you for being my heart cat.” – Grace A.

Their lifespan may be shorter than ours, but the joy, love, and companionship they bring into our lives is immeasurable.

– Anonymous