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Please be aware our prices are subject to change without notice.

By completing countless hours of advanced training and education and obtaining multiple certifications, HolisticalVets LLC is focused on and committed to providing exceptional veterinary care to help you and your pet. Like other professional service providers (e.g. lawyers, engineers, CPAs, etc.), our prices are indicative of the time, dedication, care, and knowledge we provide.

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If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to email us at info@holisticalvets.com.

Holistic Veterinary Services

Acupuncture and Tui-na (available for all animal species)
Food Therapy and Herbal Therapy (available for dogs, cats, and horses)

HolisticalVets LLC’s services are limited to certain treatment modalities and charges for services are not dependent on the treatment modality used, but instead are based on the number of appointments scheduled. Charges were designed in this way as to not let finances dictate which appropriate and indicated treatment modalities are used. Please be aware that anything outside the scope of what’s included in an appointment (listed below) will incur additional charges.

The frequency of follow up appointments depends on your pet’s needs and the goals associated with your pet’s treatments. Some pets benefit from appointments that occur once a week (or even sooner), while others benefit from once every 2-4 weeks. As treatment progresses and improvement is seen, often times, the frequency of treatments can be spread out to once every 2, 3, or 6 months.


(per appointment)

When you request a package of 6 appointments (a savings of $300!)

(Total price of $2,700 due at time of scheduling, not including travel charges)


(per appointment)

When you request a package of 4 appointments (a savings of $100!)

(Total price of $1,900 due at time of scheduling, not including travel charges)


(per appointment)

When you request an individual appointment (not included in a package)

(Total price of $500 due at time of scheduling, not including travel charges)

Please note: There is an additional travel charge of $125 associated with each appointment.

Food Therapy Recipes


(for two recipes)

Each Food Therapy recipe is formulated and created specifically for your pet and addresses his or her unique needs and diagnosis. Designed to provide a diverse range of nutrients through healthy and varied ingredients, these recipes aim to enhance your pet’s gastrointestinal health and overall well-being. 

Formulation of Food Therapy recipes require initial and ongoing in-person examinations by HolisticalVets LLC to minimize the risk that changes in your pet’s dietary needs go unnoticed. 

The price listed here includes ongoing support, including any follow-up questions you may have about your purchased recipes. It also includes revisions if different ingredients are necessary (this does not extend to creating entirely new or different recipes). 

The formulated recipes will be emailed to you as a PDF. Please note that this service covers the recipe creation only and does not include the procurement of ingredients or preparation of the actual diet.

Herbal Products

Price is determined based on the specific herb(s) prescribed for your pet’s needs and diagnosis. Upon your approval and purchase, the selected herb(s) will be shipped directly to your location and detailed dosing instructions will be sent to you via email.

Similar to medications, the proper utilization of herbs requires careful consideration, including adherence to the correct duration, ongoing examinations and diagnosis, and other essential factors.

What's included in an appointment for holistic services:

Please note: Due to our large service area, there is a 2 hour (120 minutes) estimated time of arrival window for HolisticalVets LLC to arrive at the designated appointment location.
  • One hour appointment session for one pet (if the doctor determines that your pet needs more time, the appointment may be extended for up to a maximum of two hours at no additional charge)
  • Two exams:
    • Holistic/TCVM (Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine) exam
    • Conventional/Western exam
  • Hands-on diagnostics:
    • Horses: a scan is performed to determine areas of reactivity, which helps localize where a problem or a source of pain may exist
    • Other species: certain areas of the body are assessed to determine if and where painful points are located
  • Discussion regarding recommended diagnostics and treatment
  • Treatment (acupuncture and/or Tui-na) specifically formulated for your pet
  • Treats for your pet if diabetes is not a concern (not available for reptiles)
    • If you would rather that we don’t supply our own treats, we ask that you provide alternatives that you approve of
  • Your questions answered (in the time allotted)
  • Review of your pet’s medical records
  • A summary of your pet’s appointment, which will be emailed to you within the following 72 business hours (a copy will also be sent to your pet’s primary veterinarian for the purposes of helping your pet’s medical records stay complete)
Various animal species pictured in a grid to show examples of pets that HolisticalVets treats

Euthanasia Services and Pet Memorial Keepsakes

In-home euthanasia services and pet memorial keepsakes are available for dogs, cats, pocket pets, and birds in Central and South Jersey


(does not include a travel charge of $125)

What's included in an appointment for euthanasia:
Please note: Due to our large service area, there is a 90 minute estimated time of arrival window for HolisticalVets LLC to arrive at the designated appointment location.
  • Time dedicated to helping your pet cross the Rainbow Bridge (even though in-home pet euthanasia appointments are usually completed within an hour, we allocate up to two hours if necessary to ensure that no one feels rushed and that your pet receives all the time and attention they need)
  • Tasty treats for your pet
    • If you would rather that we don’t supply our own treats, we ask that you provide alternatives that you approve of
  • A Quality of Life exam
  • Your questions about the pet euthanasia process answered
  • Pre-euthanasia anesthesia (includes a potent pain-reliever)
  • Pet euthanasia at home
  • Our gifts to you: your choice of one or more (up to four) different complimentary and personalized pet memorial keepsakes that hold special significance, are designed to capture the unique characteristics of your pet, and provide you with tangible mementos to help you cherish and remember your beloved pet
    • A personalized digital ink print created to showcase your pet’s distinctive nose (available for dogs, cats, and pocket pets)
    • A customized digital ink print that captures the individuality of your pet’s paw/foot
    • A miniature vial containing a small amount of your pet’s fur and adorned with the first letter of his or her name (available for dogs, cats, and pocket pets)
    • Two 2×5.5 inch personalized bookmarks featuring your pet’s picture and name
  • An invitation for you to submit a picture of your cherished pet and a heartfelt paragraph about him or her, which will then be added to HolisticalVets’ Memorial Page and social media pages (this is an opportunity to celebrate the special bond you shared and ensure that their story lives on in the hearts of those who visit our tribute)
  •  With your consent, we will inform your primary veterinarian/veterinary facility of your pet’s passing
Black and white collage of cats and dogs for HolisticalVets' in-home pet euthanasia services in Central and South New Jersey (available in towns near you in 08005, 08006, 08008, 08050, 08087, 08092, 08527, 08533, 08701, 08721, 08722, 08723, 08724, 08731, 08732, 08733, 08734, 08735, 08738, 08739, 08740, 08741, 08742, 08751, 08752, 08753, 08754, 08755, 08756, 08757, 08758, 08759, 08202, 08204, 08210, 08212, 08214, 08218, 08219, 08223, 08226, 08230, 08242, 08243, 08245, 08246, 08247, 08248, 08250, 08251, 08252, 08260, 08270, 08037, 08201, 08203, 08205, 08213, 08215, 08217, 08220, 08221, 08225, 08231, 08232, 08234, 08240, 08241, 08244, 08310, 08317, 08319, 08326, 08330, 08340, 08341, 08342, 08346, 08350, 08401, 08402, 08403, 08404, 08405, 08406, 07701, 07702, 07703, 07704, 07710, 07711, 07712, 07715, 07716, 07717, 07718, 07719, 07720, 07721, 07722, 07723, 07724, 07726, 07727, 07728, 07730, 07731, 07732, 07733, 07734, 07735, 07737, 07738, 07739, 07740, 07746, 07747, 07748, 07750, 07751, 07752, 07753, 07754, 07755, 07756, 07757, 07758, 07760, 07762, 07763, 07764, 07765, 07799, 08501, 08510, 08514, 08526, 08535, 08555, 08720, 08730, 08736, 08750, 08010, 08011, 08015, 08016, 08019, 08022, 08036, 08041, 08042, 08046, 08048, 08052, 08053, 08054, 08055, 08057, 08060, 08064, 08065, 08068, 08073, 08075, 08076, 08077, 08088, 08224, 08505, 08511, 08515, 08518, 08554, 08562, 08640, 08641, 08302, 08311, 08313, 08314, 08315, 08316, 08320, 08321, 08323, 08324, 08327, 08329, 08332, 08345, 08348, 08349, 08352, 08353, 08360, 08361, and 08362)

Quality of Life Telehealth Consultations

(for cats and dogs that live in New Jersey)


(for up to 30 minutes)

Please note: If additional time is requested, a rate of $25 for every 5 minute interval after the first 30 minutes will be charged at the beginning of each interval.

What's included in a Quality of Life telehealth consultation:
Please note: There is a 30 minute estimated time of arrival window for HolisticalVets LLC to join the telehealth appointment (this window is designed to meet the needs of clients and pets by accommodating unexpected delays or longer appointment times).
  • Up to 30 minutes to cover the topics you want to talk about regarding your pet’s quality of life via a telehealth consultation with a veterinarian on a video conferencing platform
    • If more time is requested, it can absolutely be accommodated, but please be aware that additional charges will apply
  • If provided, review and discussion of your pet’s medical records, as well as any images and/or videos that exhibit concerns you may have for your pet
  • A virtual exam of your cat or dog
  • Discussion of your pet’s health problems and his or her current condition
  • Information on how to assess your pet’s quality of life, know if your pet is exhibiting signs of pain and, if possible, improve his or her quality of life, along with what to expect during the euthanasia process when that time comes
  • Your questions answered during the appointment
  • With your consent, we will email your primary veterinarian/veterinary facility a copy of the medical records generated from the telehealth consultation (we can also send you a copy as well if you prefer)
Elderly dogs and cats shown in regards to HolisticalVets' Quality of Life telehealth and virtual consultations

Email Consultations

(All consultations will be performed via email and are only available for patients with a current/valid veterinary-client-patient-relationship)

Product Consultation

$75 per item

(for questions about diets not formulated by HolisticalVets LLC and non-prescription supplements and medications)

Telemedicine Consultation

(not a substitute for an exam)

$60 per consultation/email

1 consultation = 1 email (3 questions OR 30 minutes or less of research and email response time)
Additional questions/time will be charged at a rate of $20 per additional question or
$20 for each additional 10 minutes of research and email response time)​