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General Information about HolisticalVets LLC

Thank you for your interest in HolisticalVets LLC!

HolisticalVets LLC offers select holistic modalities, which currently consist of acupuncture, Tui-na, food therapy, and herbal therapy

We decided to utilize a business model that enables us to see our patients in habitats they’re familiar with and feel comfortable in. Our focus is on minimizing stress, anxiety, and fear, which is why we set aside additional time during appointments in case a pet needs more time to relax and feel comfortable. Essentially, we treat pets how we would like to be treated: with respect, kindness, understanding, patience, and compassion. We listen to what pets are telling us (after all, non-verbal communication can be just as powerful as verbal communication) and we work with the pet, not against them.

Since holistic medicine is not a substitute for conventional/Western medicine, we require all clients to have a primary veterinarian that provides conventional/Western services. We firmly believe that an integrative approach, where both conventional/Western and holistic/Eastern medicine are utilized, offers the best care for animals. Please be aware that HolisticalVets LLC does NOT provide any emergency services and beyond in-home euthanasia services, HolisticalVets LLC also does not provide conventional medicine services (except for the occasional sedative if needed for treatments).

If a licensed rabies vaccine is available for your pet’s species and age, HolisticalVets LLC requires that your pet be up to date on their rabies vaccination prior to any appointments for holistic services (unless your pet’s medical records state that your pet should not be vaccinated for rabies).

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HolisticalVets LLC prides itself on transparent pricing and policies. Please click here to read our policies regarding rescheduling and cancellations.

HolisticalVets LLC performed extensive research to formulate a list of possible precautions and contraindications, which can be found here; however, it is with the understanding that it may not be an exhaustive list and HolisticalVets LLC is unable to predict every possible risk and complication. Should HolisticalVets LLC become aware of additional precautions and contraindications, HolisticalVets LLC will be sure to update the list.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to send an email to

Holistic Services

Acupuncture and Tui-na (available for all species)
Food Therapy and Herbal Therapy (available for dogs, cats, and horses)

Please note: Food therapy recipes and herbal products, if purchased, have an additional charge. To view all prices associated with our holistic services, including food and herbal therapies, please click here.

What's included in an appointment for holistic services:

Please note: Due to our large service area, there is a 2 hour (120 minutes) estimated time of arrival window for HolisticalVets LLC to arrive at the designated appointment location.
  • One hour appointment session for one pet (if the doctor determines that your pet needs more time, the appointment may be extended for up to a maximum of two hours at no additional charge)
  • Two exams:
    • Holistic/TCVM (Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine) exam
    • Conventional/Western exam
  • Hands-on diagnostics:
    • Horses: a scan is performed to determine areas of reactivity, which helps localize where a problem or a source of pain may exist
    • Other species: certain areas of the body are assessed to determine if and where painful points are located
  • Discussion regarding recommended diagnostics and treatment
  • Treatment (acupuncture and/or Tui-na) specifically formulated for your pet
  • Treats for your pet if diabetes is not a concern (not available for reptiles)
    • If you would rather that we don’t supply our own treats, we ask that you provide alternatives that you approve of
  • Your questions answered (in the time allotted)
  • Review of your pet’s medical records
  • A summary of your pet’s appointment, which will be emailed to you within the following 72 business hours (a copy will also be sent to your pet’s primary veterinarian for the purposes of helping your pet’s medical records stay complete)
Various animal species pictured in a grid to show examples of pets that HolisticalVets treats