HolisticalVets' In-home Pet Euthanasia Services for Pets in Burlington County, New Jersey

Please read this page entirely, as it contains important information.
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We are deeply sorry that you have to contemplate such a difficult and heart-breaking decision. If and when the time comes, HolisticalVets LLC would be honored to spend time with your beloved pet and assist him or her over the Rainbow Bridge.

We have compiled some information below regarding the at home euthanasia process and what you can expect. We hope you find the information outlined on this page informative, and if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to email us at info@holisticalvets.com.

In-home Pet Euthanasia Services and Memorial Keepsakes
for Dogs, Cats, Pocket Pets, and Birds in Burlington County, NJ


(does not include a travel charge of $125)

HolisticalVets provides compassionate pet euthanasia services near you, offering a peaceful and loving farewell to your beloved companion in the comfort of your home.

We help multiple species, such as dogs, cats, pockets pets (small mammals like guinea pigs, ferrets, chinchillas, hamsters, rabbits, mice, rats, etc.) and birds peacefully cross over the Rainbow Bridge in the comfort of their homes. If you have a pet of a different species not mentioned here and are considering our in-home euthanasia services, please contact us at info@holisticalvets.com to see if we can provide our services for your specific companion.

Please be aware that HolisticalVets LLC focuses specifically on providing in-home pet euthanasia services and creating personalized memorial keepsakes. We do not offer additional services such as aftercare, including burial, cremation, and transportation, etc. and other than clipping a small amount of fur to create a memorial keepsake, we are unable remove objects (e.g., microchip, surgical hardware, etc.) or body parts/fluids (e.g., ears, paw, urine, blood, etc.) from a pet.

What's included:
Please note: Due to our large service area covering Central and South Jersey, there is a 2 hour (120 minutes) estimated time of arrival window for HolisticalVets LLC to arrive at the designated appointment location.
  • Time dedicated to helping your pet cross the Rainbow Bridge (even though in-home pet euthanasia appointments are usually completed within an hour, we allocate up to two hours if necessary to ensure that no one feels rushed and that your pet receives all the time and attention they need)
  • Tasty treats for your pet
    • If you would rather that we don’t supply our own treats, we ask that you provide alternatives that you approve of
  • A Quality of Life exam
  • Your questions about the pet euthanasia process answered
  • Pre-euthanasia anesthesia (includes a potent pain-reliever)
  • Pet euthanasia at home
  • Our gifts to you: your choice of one or more (up to four) different complimentary and personalized pet memorial keepsakes that hold special significance, are designed to capture the unique characteristics of your pet, and provide you with tangible mementos to help you cherish and remember your beloved pet
    • A personalized digital ink print created to showcase your pet’s distinctive nose (available for dogs, cats, and pocket pets)
    • A customized digital ink print that captures the individuality of your pet’s paw/foot
    • A miniature vial containing a small amount of your pet’s fur and adorned with the first letter of his or her name (available for dogs, cats, and pocket pets)
    • Two 2×5.5 inch personalized bookmarks featuring your pet’s picture and name
  • An invitation for you to submit a picture of your cherished pet and a heartfelt paragraph about him or her, which will then be added to HolisticalVets’ Memorial Page and social media pages (this is an opportunity to celebrate the special bond you shared and ensure that their story lives on in the hearts of those who visit our tribute)
  •  With your consent, we will inform your primary veterinarian/veterinary facility of your pet’s passing
Examples of personalized bookmarks, which is included in HolisticalVets' in-home pet euthanasia services in Burlington County, New Jersey
Examples of memorial digital ink paw and nose prints, which is included in HolisticalVets' in-home pet euthanasia services in Burlington County, New Jersey
Example of fur collection, which is included in HolisticalVets' in-home pet euthanasia services in Burlington County, New Jersey, of pets that have been euthanized
You should receive an automated email from HolisticalVets LLC titled "Appointment Confirmation" a few minutes after successfully scheduling an appointment. If you don't receive an email, please send an email to info@holisticalvets.com.
Aftercare Options

We understand that making aftercare arrangements for your beloved pet after euthanasia can be a challenging and difficult decision. Please remember that by making the arrangements yourself, you have the opportunity to choose a path that aligns with your pet’s individual needs and your own personal preferences. It allows you to carefully select a service that provides the level of care, dignity, and respect that your cherished companion deserves. Additionally, taking an active role in aftercare arrangements can provide a sense of closure and control during a difficult time, helping you find solace in knowing that you have made the best decision for your pet’s final journey. 


Should you choose cremation, we recommend contacting your pet’s primary veterinarian or veterinary facility, as they may provide cremation services for established patients. Alternatively, you can directly contact pet crematoriums in your area to personally arrange aftercare services. Two pet crematories close to Burlington County are Friends Forever Pet Crematory and Hamilton Pet Meadow (both of which are located in Mercer County). 

Information about some local pet crematories in Central and South Jersey (including Hamilton Pet Meadow and Friends Forever Pet Crematory) is provided in the table below, and additional crematories can be found through an online search. If you opt for cremation via a pet crematory, we suggest contacting your chosen facility a few days before the euthanasia appointment to make and confirm arrangements.